The LRO Cleaning Kit for CO2 Laser Optics was developed for lasers used in harsh environments and features the proper procedures for removing spatter and blow-back from lenses and mirrors. Cleaning will help prevent damage to the coatings, improve their transmission performance and prolong the life of CO2 laser optics used in harsh environments.

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Kit Includes:

  • Step-by-Step Cleaning Instructions
  • Reagent Grade Isopropyl Alcohol Supply
  • Reagent Grade Acetone Supply
  • LRO Polishing Compound
  • 24 Surgical Grade Cotton Swabs
  • 24 Cotton-Tipped Swabs
  • Distilled Water
  • 24 Lens Mats
  • 24 Surgical Grade Finger Cots
  • Air Bulb for dust removal

The kit can also be used for: *Using Isopropyl Alcohol only*

  • Sapphire & Quartz Lenses
  • Sapphire & Quartz Windows
  • Germanium & Silicon Output Couplers
  • Germanium & Silicon End Mirrors
  • Germanium & Silicon Turning Mirrors
  • Glass Eyeglasses
  • Glass Gun scopes
  • Glass Telescopes
  • Glass Camera Lenses
  • Glass LCD Displays
  • Glass Cell Phone Displays
  • Glass Watch Crystals
  • Glass Compact Mirrors
  • Glass Handheld Displays
  • Glass Copiers
  • Glass Photo Frames
  • Glass MP3 Player Displays
  • Glass Prisms

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