A new line of affordable CO2 Laser Optics for light engraving jobs is now available from Laser Research Optics of Providence, RI. The LRO Economy Line will offer drop-in replacement optics for $83.00 or mounted versions priced at $118, requiring a minimum of two pieces per order.


For jobs requiring a strong coating to handle dirtier environments, such as acrylic cutting, the LRO Premium Line is also offering enhanced coated optics starting at $165 each or $195 if mounted – with no purchase minimum.

The initial run of these Economy Line parts are designed for the most popular 2.00” focal length, the Premium coated optics will be available in several focal lengths. Lenses are available off-the- shelf with overnight delivery for Epilog®, Trotec® and Universal® Laser Systems, as well as others. Mounted optics are available for Trotec® and Universal® Laser Systems.

As always, LRO can work with you to find the right optics for your laser system – please give us a call AT 888-239-5545 Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm EST or email for more information.


Lasers for Cutting Acrylics

Orders from stock typically ship in 3-5 days. Manufacturing lead time can be 2-3 weeks. Please call the factory for expedited delivery or quantity discounts.

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Catalog No. Material Diameter Edge Thickness Focal Length QOH Price Order
LX-0720-Z-ET2.03-DBAR ZnSe0.750"0.080"2.000"26$115.00