W Series windows are often used as vacuum seals in front of the output coupler or in other parts of a system that require sealing of vacuum or high pressure. ZnSe is typically used for this application and can be provided coated or uncoated. AR coating provides >98.5% transmission and reflection <.25% per surface at 10.6 microns. Absorption values do not exceed .25%.

Other diameters, thicknesses and wavelengths are available upon request.



Fiber laser optics made in the USA

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Catalog No. Material Diameter Thickness Coating Price Order
W-0508-Z-DBAR ZnSe0.500"0.080"AR/AR$85.00Add to cart
W-0508-Z-UC ZnSe0.500"0.080"Uncoated$0.00Add to cart
W-0512-Z-DBAR ZnSe0.500"0.120"AR/AR$60.00Add to cart
W-0512-Z-UC ZnSe0.500"0.120"Uncoated$80.00Add to cart
W-0708-Z-DBAR ZnSe0.750"0.080"AR/AR$95.00Add to cart
W-0708-Z-UC ZnSe0.750"0.080"Uncoated$70.00Add to cart
W-0712-Z-DBAR ZnSe0.750"0.120"AR/AR$110.00Add to cart
W-0712-Z-UC ZnSe0.750"0.120"Uncoated$85.00Add to cart
W-1008-Z-AR ZnSe1.000"0.080"AR/AR$145.00Add to cart
W-1008-Z-UC ZnSe1.000"0.080"Uncoated$120.00Add to cart
W-1012-Z-AR ZnSe1.000"0.120"AR/AR$150.00Add to cart
W-1012-Z-UC ZnSe1.000"0.120"Uncoated$160.00Add to cart
W-1112-Z-AR ZnSe1.100"0.120"AR/AR$175.00Add to cart
W-1112-Z-UC ZnSe1.100"0.120"Uncoated$150.00Add to cart
W-1512-Z-AR ZnSe1.500"0.120"AR/AR$190.00Add to cart
W-1512-Z-UC ZnSe1.500"0.120"Uncoated$175.00Add to cart
W-1520-KCL-UC KCl1.500"0.200"Uncoated$40.00Add to cart
W-1525-Z-AR ZnSe1.500"0.250"AR/AR$200.00Add to cart
W-1525-Z-UC ZnSe1.500"0.250"Uncoated$185.00Add to cart
W-2012-Z-AR ZnSe2.000"0.120"AR/AR$275.00Add to cart