Coating: Highly Enhanced Reflective Coated for 99.8% minimum reflectance @ 10.6 microns with a normal incidence angle.



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Catalog No. Material Diameter Thickness Coating Price Order
ERCC-1012-Z-10-99.5 ZnSe1.000"0.120"10MCC-99.5%R : PLANO-A/R$260.00Add to cart
ERCC-1024-G-15-99.5 Ge1.000"0.236"15MCC-99.5%R : PLANO-A/R$200.00Add to cart
ERCC-1024-G-20-99.5 Ge1.000"0.236"20MCC-99.5%R : PLANO-A/R$295.00Add to cart
ERCC-1113-G-20-99 Ge1.100"0.125"20MCC-99.0%R : PLANO-A/R$0.00Add to cart
ERCC-1113-Z-10-99 ZnSe1.100"0.125"10MCC-99.0%R : PLANO-A/R$295.00Add to cart
ERCC-1122-G-10-99.5 Ge1.100"0.220"10MCC-99.5%R : PLANO-A/R$485.00Add to cart
ERCC-1122-G-20-99.5 Ge1.100"0.220"20MCC-99.5%R : PLANO-A/R$485.00Add to cart
ERCC-1124-G-10-99.5 Ge1.100"0.236"10MCC-99.5%R : PLANO-A/R$510.00Add to cart
ERCC-1124-G-20-99.5 Ge1.100"0.236"20MCC-99.5%R : PLANO-A/R$510.00Add to cart
ERCC-1514-G-10-99.5 Ge1.500"0.138"10MCC-99.5%R : PLANO-A/R$525.00Add to cart
ERCC-1514-G-15-99.5 Ge1.500"0.138"15MCC-99.5%R : PLANO-A/R$525.00Add to cart
ERCC-1524-G-20-99.5 Ge1.500"0.236"20MCC-99.5%R : PLANO-A/R$645.00Add to cart
ERCC-1524-Z-20-99 ZnSe1.500"0.236"20MCC-99.0%R : PLANO-A/R$335.00Add to cart
ERCC-1531-G-20-99.5 Ge1.500"0.315"20MCC-99.5%R : PLANO-A/R$585.00Add to cart
ERCC-1531-G-30-99.5 Ge1.500"0.315"30MCC-99.5%R : PLANO-A/R$585.00Add to cart
ERCC-1531-G-35-99.5 Ge1.500"0.315"35MCC-99.5%R : PLANO-A/R$585.00Add to cart
ERCC-1531-G-51-99.5 Ge1.500"0.315"51.6MCC-99.5%R : PLANO-A/R$585.00Add to cart