Series ZPR Zero Phase Retardation Reflectors


These reflectors utilize a highly enhanced zero phase thin-film coatings applied to either a silicon or copper mirror substrate. This specialized design provides the basis for a low loss polarization insensitive CO2 laser mirror designed to maintain the circular polarization of the beam’s delivery system.

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Coating Zero Phase Plasma Gold on Copper
Phase Shift: 0.0 deg. +/- ½ deg. between P and S polarization
Reflectance: Normal Incidence: 98.9% Average minimum

45 Degree Incidence (p-POL): 97.6% minimum

45 Degree Incidence (s-POL): 99.1% minimum

Absorption and Scatter: < 0.3%
Coating Zero Phase Copper on Silicon
Phase Shift: 0.0 deg. +/- 2.0 deg. between P and S polarization
Reflectance: 99.7% Avg. @ 10.6 microns at 45 deg. AOI < 50% @ 0.633 microns at 45 deg. AOI
Absorption and Scatter: < 0.3%
Diameter Tolerance: + 0.000″ / – 0.005″
Thickness Tolerance: +/- 0.010″
Mechanical Wedge: < 5 minutes of Arc Maximum
Flatness: < 1/40th wave
Finish(Scratch-Dig): 20-10

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    Catalog No. Material Diameter Thickness Coating QOH Price Order
    ZPR-0704-S-0 Si0.750"0.040"ZeroPhaseShift16$50.00
    ZPR-0712-S-0 Si0.750"0.120"ZeroPhaseShift23$60.00
    ZPR-1012-S-0 Si1.000"0.120"ZeroPhaseShift162$70.00
    ZPR-1125-C-PLG Cu1.100"0.250"PlasmaGold2$205.00
    ZPR-1516-S-0 Si1.500"0.160"ZeroPhaseShift33$100.00
    ZPR-1816-S-0 Si1.750"0.160"ZeroPhaseShift4$110.00
    ZPR-2020-S-0 Si2.000"0.200"ZeroPhaseShift30$165.00
    ZPR-2038-C-PLG Cu2.000"0.375"PlasmaGold0$300.00Contact Us
    ZPR-2038-S-0 Si2.000"0.375"ZeroPhaseShift0$260.00Contact Us
    ZPR-2339-C-PLG Cu2.250"0.394"ZeroPhaseShift0$410.00Contact Us
    ZPR-3025-C-PLG Cu3.000"0.250"ZeroPhaseShift0$305.00Contact Us
    ZPR-3025-S-0 Si3.000"0.250"ZeroPhaseShift4$235.00
    ZPR-3038-S-0 Si3.000"0.375"ZeroPhaseShift0$270.00Contact Us
    ZPR-3050-C-PLG Cu3.000"0.500"ZeroPhaseShift0$360.00Contact Us
    ZPR-3050-S-0 Si3.000"0.500"ZeroPhaseShift0$305.00Contact Us
    ZPR-3059-C-PLG Cu3.000"0.590"ZeroPhaseShift0$350.00Contact Us
    ZPR-WC-20B1-C-PLG Cu2.000"2.125"PlasmaGold0$425.00Contact Us
    ZPRM-4007-C-PLG Cu40.00mm7.50mmZeroPhaseShift0$175.00Contact Us
    ZPRM-5005-C-PLG Cu50.0mm5.00mmZeroPhaseShift0$180.00Contact Us
    ZPRM-5005-S-0 Si50.00mm5.00mmZeroPhaseShift0$120.00Contact Us