Series BS Beam Splitters


These beamsplitters are designed to reflect a given percentage of the incident energy while transmitting the balance. The beamsplitters shown here are intended for use at 45 deg. AOI and 10.6 microns. Polarization must be specified due to differences in transmission and reflection values for S and P polarization.
Beamsplitters can be provided with parallel surfaces, or they can be wedged to minimize interference caused by reflections of the second surface. BS Series beamsplitters feature a range of reflectance values between 4.5 and 50%. Other reflectance values are available upon request.

*Prices listed are for small quantity orders, for large quantity discounts please Contact Us.

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Diameter Tolerance: +0.000″/-0.005″
Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.010″
Mechanical Wedge: < 5 minutes of arc
Flatness: <1/40th wave at 10.6 micron
Surface Quality: 20-10 Scratch-Dig

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    Catalog No. Material Diameter Thickness Coating QOH Price Order
    BS-1012-Z-08-P ZnSe1.000"0.120"18%R(p)-A/R0$180.00Contact Us
    BS-1012-Z-50-P ZnSe1.000"0.120"50%R(p)-A/R0$250.00Contact Us
    BS-1012-Z-50-PIB ZnSe1.000"0.120"50%R(u,s,p)-A/R58$250.00
    BS-1012-Z-50-S ZnSe1.000"0.120"50%R(s)-A/R0$250.00Contact Us
    BS-1012-Z-50-U ZnSe1.000"0.120"50%R(u)-A/R0$200.00Contact Us
    BS-1512-Z-50-P ZnSe1.500"0.120"50%R(p)-A/R0$345.00Contact Us
    BS-1512-Z-50-PIB ZnSe1.500"0.120"50%R(u,s,p)-A/R48$375.00
    BS-1512-Z-50-S ZnSe1.500"0.120"50%R(s)-A/R0$345.00Contact Us
    BS-1512-Z-50-U ZnSe1.500"0.120"50%R(u)-A/R0$335.00Contact Us
    BS-2016-Z-50-S ZnSe2.000"0.160"50%R(s)-A/R11$415.00
    BS-2020-Z-50-P ZnSe2.000"0.200"50%R(p)-A/R0$650.00Contact Us
    BS-2020-Z-50-PIB ZnSe2.000"0.200"50%R(u,s,p)-A/R1$600.00
    BS-2020-Z-50-S ZnSe2.000"0.200"50%R(s)-A/R0$650.00Contact Us
    BS-2020-Z-50-U ZnSe2.000"0.200"50%R(u)-A/R0$495.00Contact Us