Concave Mirrors

Series TRCC concave total reflectors are well suited for intra-cavity use. Incorporating our proprietary enhanced silver thin-film coating design, Series TRCC reflectors exhibit >99.6% reflectance while providing excellent plasma resistance.



Total reflectors for lasers made in the USA


Diameter Tolerance: +0.000″/-0.005″
Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.010″
Mechanical Wedge: < 5 minutes of arc
Flatness: <1/40th wave at 10.6 micron
Surface Quality: 20-10 Scratch-Dig

Orders from stock typically ship in 3-5 days. Manufacturing lead time can be 2-3 weeks. Please call the factory for expedited delivery or quantity discounts.

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Catalog No. Material Diameter Thickness Radius Coating QOH Price Order
TRCC-0508-S-02-HES Silicon0.500"0.080"2.0 MeterHighly Enhanced Silver0$75.00Request a Quote
TRCC-0508-S-05-HES Silicon0.500"0.080"5.0 MeterHighly Enhanced Silver0$65.00Request a Quote
TRCC-0508-S-10-HES Silicon0.500"0.080"10.0 MeterHighly Enhanced Silver19$65.00
TRCC-0512-S-02-HES Silicon0.500"0.120"2.0 MeterHighly Enhanced Silver0$80.00Request a Quote
TRCC-0512-S-05-HES Silicon0.500"0.120"5.0 MeterHighly Enhanced Silver0$70.00Request a Quote
TRCC-0512-S-10-HES Silicon0.500"0.120"10.0 MeterHighly Enhanced Silver0$70.00Request a Quote
TRCC-0712-S-05-HES Silicon0.750"0.120"5.0 MeterHighly Enhanced Silver0$85.00Request a Quote
TRCC-0712-S-10-HES Silicon0.750"0.120"10.0 MeterHighly Enhanced Silver0$80.00Request a Quote
TRCC-1012-S-05-HES Silicon1.000"0.120"5.0 MeterHighly Enhanced Silver0$95.00Request a Quote
TRCC-1012-S-10-HES Silicon1.000"0.120"10.0 MeterHighly Enhanced Silver0$100.00Request a Quote
TRCC-1012-S-10-PS Silicon1.000"0.120"10.0 MeterProtected Silver0$75.00Request a Quote
TRCC-1816-S-10-PS Silicon1.750"0.160"10.0 MeterProtectedSilver21$205.00