These silicon turning mirrors are ideal for reflecting the beam of a CO2 laser for angles of incidence from 0 to 45 degrees. TM Series mirrors are designed and manufactured for high reflectivity and optimum durability in rigorous industrial environments while maintaining a good laser mode. Either single or dual band coatings may be specified by replacing the “EC” designation with “DBMR” in the Part Number.



Turning mirrors for laser engravers
Mirror Type Reflection
EC Enhanced Copper: 99.5% Avg. @ 10.6 microns & 45 deg. AOI
EG Enhanced Gold: 99.5% minimum reflectance @ 10.6 microns & 45 deg. AOI
DBMR Dual Band: 99.7% Avg. @ 10.6 microns & 45 deg. AOI 97.0% Avg. @ 0.633 microns & 45 deg. AOI
Polarization Control Coating: 99.5% minimum reflectance of “s” polarization and 90.0% reflectance of “p” polarization, both @ 10.6 microns & 45deg. AOI
Diameter Tolerance: 
Thickness Tolerance:                     +/-0.010″
Mechanical Wedge:                     <5 minutes of arc
Flatness:                     <1/40th wave at 10.6 micron
Surface Quality:                     20-10 Scratch-Dig

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Catalog No. Material Diameter Thickness Coating Mounted QOH Price Order
LMMA-0712-S-1 Silicon0.750"0.120"EnhancedSilveryes0$85.00Request a Quote
LR-620-0011-0 Silicon25.40mm3.00mmUncoatedno20$91.00
TM-0504-S-DBMR Silicon0.500"0.040"Dual-BandMaximumReflectorno58$25.00
TM-0712-S-DBMR Silicon0.750"0.120"Dual-BandMaximumReflectorno0$55.00Request a Quote
TM-0712-S-ESDB Silicon0.750"0.120"EnhancedSilverno71$60.00
TM-1012-S-DBMR Silicon1.000"0.120"Dual-BandMaximumReflectorno0$60.00Request a Quote
TM-1112-S-DBMR Silicon1.100"0.120"Dual-BandMaximumReflectorno0$75.00Request a Quote
TM-1516-S-DBMR Silicon1.500"0.160"Dual-BandMaximumReflectorno0$85.00Request a Quote
TM-1532-S-EC Silicon1.500"0.322"EnhancedCopperno0$185.00Request a Quote
TM-1538-S-EC Silicon1.500"0.375"EnhancedCopperno0$120.00Request a Quote
TM-1738-S-EG Silicon1.750"0.380"EnhancedGoldno64$110.00
TMM-2503-S-DBMR Silicon25.00mm3.00mmDual-BandMaximumReflectorno0$60.00Request a Quote
TMPC-1516-S-RS Silicon1.500"0.160""p" PolarizationSupressorno77$150.00
TMT-100716-S-DBMR SiliconTruncatedMirror1.00"X0.750"0.160"Dual-BandMaximum Reflectorno0$75.00Request a Quote