Series MM Molybdenum Mirrors


Manufactured from pure vacuum ARC cast low carbon molybdenum (Mo), these uncoated mirrors are extremely durable and typically used in physically demanding environments. Molybdenum’s intrinsically hard surface makes it an ideal choice for dirty industrial applications where frequent cleaning is necessary. These mirrors exhibit reflectance >98.1% Avg. @ 10.6 microns at 45 degrees AOI. Absorption and scatter losses are <1.9%.

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Diameter Tolerance: + 0.000″ / – 0.005″
Thickness Tolerance: +/- 0.010″
Mechanical Wedge: 5 minutes of Arc Maximum
Flatness: < 1/10th wave at 10.6 microns
Finish(Scratch-Dig): 40-20 RMS < 40 Å
Focal Length Tolerance: +/- 0.5 %

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    Catalog No. Material Diameter Thickness Coating QOH Price Order
    MM-1012-M-UC Mo1.000"0.120"Uncoated8$190.00
    MM-1516-M-UC Mo1.500"0.160"Uncoated0$185.00Contact Us
    MM-2020-M-UC Mo2.000"0.200"Uncoated11$300.00
    MM-2038-M-UC Mo2.000"0.375"Uncoated0$350.00Contact Us
    MMM-1401-M-UC Mo14.00mm1.25mmUncoated113$100.00
    MMM-1901-M-UC Mo19.00mm1.50mmUncoated0$105.00Contact Us
    MMM-5006-M-UC Mo50.00mm6.00mmUncoated0$310.00Contact Us
    MMM-5010-M-UC Mo50.00mm10.00mmUncoated0$375.00Contact Us