Manufactured from (OFHC) Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper, these Plasma Gold Coated mirrors exhibit increased density and microhardness of the surface, allowing for frequent cleaning. They are ideal for use in beam delivery systems where constant cleaning is necessary.



Coating: Zero Phase Plasma Gold on Copper
Phase Shift: 0.0 deg. +/- ½ deg. between P and S polarization
Reflectance: Normal Incidence: 98.9% Average minimum


45 Degree Incidence (p-POL): 97.6% minimum

45 Degree Incidence (s-POL): 99.1% minimum

Absorption and Scatter: < 0.3%
Surface Accuracy (CC orCX): < 1 micron
Flatness (Plano): 1/20 λ maximum @ 10.6 um
Surface Quality: 80-50 per MIL-PRF-13830.
Surface Roughness: < 30 Angstroms Ra

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Catalog No. Material Diameter Thickness Radius Coating QOH Price Order
CMCCM-5032-3.00M-UC Cu50.00mm31.75mm3.00 MPlasmaGold0$585.00Request a Quote
CMCCM-5095-C-2.44M-PLG Cu50.00mm9.50mm2.44 MPlasmaGold0$375.00Request a Quote
CMCXM-5009-1.737MCX-C-GP Cu50.00mm9.50mm1.737 MPlatedGold0$565.00Request a Quote