Series LX Plano Convex Lenses

These low absorption ZnSe positive focusing lenses provide an extended lifetime in laser cutting applications where depth of field is an important factor. Ideally suited for welding, cutting and heat treating, these low cost lenses have superior thermal characteristics which can prevent thermal runaway in high power CO2 lasers.

All series LX lenses are coated and optimized for use at 10.6 microns.

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Diameter Tolerance: + 0.000″ / – 0.005″
Thickness Tolerance: +/- 0.010″
Centering Tolerance: 3 Arc Minutes Maximum
Sphericity: < 1/40th wave at 10.6 microns
Surface Quality: 40-20 Scratch-Dig
Focal Length Tolerance: +/- 0.5 %
Absorption: 0.25 % total
AR Coating Reflectivity: R < 0.5 % at 10.6 microns

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    Catalog No. Material Diameter Focal Length Edge Thickness Mounted QOH Price Order
    LMA-0715-Z-ET1.8 ZnSe0.750"1.50"0.070"yes9$205.00
    LMA-0720-Z-ET1.8 ZnSe0.750"2.00"0.070"yes13$195.00
    LMA-0725-Z-ET1.8 ZnSe0.750"2.50"0.070"yes2$195.00
    LMA-0740-Z-ET1.8 ZnSe0.750"4.00"0.070"yes1$195.00
    LX-0615-Z-ET1.5 ZnSe0.600"1.500"0.060"no25$145.00
    LX-0620-Z-ET1.5 ZnSe0.600"2.000"0.060"no22$165.00
    LX-0625-Z-ET1.5 ZnSe0.600"2.500"0.060"no6$165.00
    LX-0640-Z-ET1.5 ZnSe0.600"4.000"0.060"no7$80.00
    LX-0650-Z-ET1.5 ZnSe0.600"5.000"0.060"no58$80.00
    LX-0710-Z-ET1.8 ZnSe0.750"1.000"0.070"no27$165.00
    LX-0715-Z-ET1.78 ZnSe0.750"1.500"0.070"no16$165.00
    LX-0715-Z-ET2.5 ZnSe0.750"1.500"0.100"no40$165.00
    LX-0720-Z-ET1.78 ZnSe0.750"2.000"0.070"no1$165.00
    LX-0725-Z-ET1.78 ZnSe0.750"2.500"0.070"no30$165.00
    LX-0730-Z-ET1.8 ZnSe0.750"3.000"0.070"no0$115.00Contact Us
    LX-0735-Z-ET1.8 ZnSe0.750"3.500"0.070"no27$165.00
    LX-0740-Z-ET1.78 ZnSe0.750"4.000"0.070"no7$165.00
    LX-0750-Z-ET1.8 ZnSe0.750"5.000"0.070"no21$165.00
    LX-0775-Z-ET1.8 ZnSe0.750"7.500"0.070"no0$90.00Contact Us
    LX-1015-Z-ET3.0 ZnSe1.000"1.500"0.120"no29$225.00