Series LM Meniscus Lenses


Meniscus lenses allow minimal spherical aberrations when a parallel beam enters the convex surface. This results in a minimum focal spot size for the incoming collimated light source. All meniscus lenses shown have positive focal lengths. Negative focal lengths are available upon request.

All series LM lenses are coated and optimized for use at 10.6 microns.

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Diameter Tolerance: + 0.000″ / – 0.005″
Thickness Tolerance: +/- 0.010″
Centering Tolerance: 3 Arc Minutes Maximum
Sphericity: < 1/40th wave at 10.6 microns
Surface Quality: 40-20 Scratch-Dig
Focal Length Tolerance: +/- 0.5 %
Absorption: 0.25 % total
AR Coating Reflectivity: R < 0.5 % at 10.6 microns

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    Catalog No. Material Diameter Focal Length Edge Thickness QOH Price Order
    LM-1015-Z-ET2.0 ZnSe1.000"1.500"0.080"9$350.00
    LM-1116-Z-ET2.0 ZnSe1.100"1.648"0.080"20$330.00
    LM-1125-A-ET1.88 GaAs1.100"2.500"0.074"27$275.00
    LM-1125-Z-ET3.0 ZnSe1.100"2.500"0.120"23$260.00
    LM-1135-Z-ET3.0 ZnSe1.100"3.500"0.120"6$245.00
    LM-1137-Z-ET4.0 ZnSe1.100"3.750"0.160"18$230.00
    LM-1150-Z-ET3.0 ZnSe1.100"5.000"0.120"0$220.00Contact Us
    LM-1150-Z-ET6.0 ZnSe1.100"5.000"0.236"7$235.00
    LM-1175-Z-ET2.8 ZnSe1.100"7.500"0.110"55$210.00
    LM-1525-Z-ET3.0 ZnSe1.500"2.500"0.120"5$340.00
    LM-1538-Z-ET7.37 ZnSe1.500"3.750"0.290"0$290.00Contact Us
    LM-1550-Z-ET6.0 ZnSe1.500"5.000"0.236"10$275.00
    LM-1550-Z-ET7.37 ZnSe1.500"4.998"0.290"50$280.00
    LM-1550-Z-ET9.0 ZnSe1.500"5.000"0.354"12$395.00
    LM-1575-Z-ET6.0 ZnSe1.500"7.500"0.236"17$280.00
    LM-1575-Z-ET7.37 ZnSe1.500"7.515"0.290"0$275.00Contact Us
    LM-1575-Z-ET9.0 ZnSe1.500"7.500"0.354"17$375.00
    LM-1590-Z-ET7.37 ZnSe1.500"9.000"0.290"1$270.00
    LM-2050-Z-ET9.0 ZnSe2.000"5.000"0.354"0$595.00Contact Us
    LM-2075-Z-ET9.0 ZnSe2.000"7.500"0.354"5$600.00