Cool-Cut™ Low Absorption Lenses

Cool-Cut CO2 Laser Lenses are specially coated to absorb <0.15% of laser energy which protects against thermal damage and provides focal length stability to assure consistent cut quality. Developed for high power CO2 lasers, they will last longer than standard A/R coated lenses, depending upon the application.



Cool Cut Laser Lenses from LRO


Diameter Tolerance: + 0.000″ / – 0.005″
Thickness Tolerance: +/- 0.010″
Centering Tolerance: 3 Arc Minutes Maximum
Sphericity: < 1/40th wave at 10.6 microns
Surface Quality: 40-20 Scratch-Dig
Focal Length Tolerance: +/- 0.5 %
Absorption: 0.25 % total
AR Coating Reflectivity: R < 0.15 % at 10.6 microns

Orders from stock typically ship in 3-5 days. Manufacturing lead time can be 2-3 weeks. Please call the factory for expedited delivery or quantity discounts.

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Catalog No. Material Diameter Focal Length Edge Thickness Configuration Price Order
LM-1550-Z-ET9.0-ULAAR ZnSe1.500"5.00"0.354"Meniscus$450.00
LM-1575-Z-ET6.0-ULAAR ZnSe1.500"7.500"0.236"Meniscus$340.00
LM-1575-Z-ET9.0-ULAAR ZnSe1.500"7.500"0.354"Meniscus$425.00
LX-1550-Z-ET8.0-ULAAR ZnSe1.500"5.00"0.315"PL/CX$320.00
LX-1551-Z-ET7.0-ULAAR ZnSe1.500"5.128"0.275"PL/CX$300.00
LX-1575-Z-ET8.0-ULAAR ZnSe1.500"7.50"0.315"PL/CX$310.00
LX-1576-Z-ET7.6-ULAAR ZnSe1.500"7.63"0.300"PL/CX$310.00
LX-2050-Z-ET7.87-ULAAR ZnSe2.00"5.00"0.310"PL/CX$510.00
LX-2050-Z-ET9.65-ULAAR ZnSe2.00"5.00"0.380"PL/CX$535.00
LX-2075-Z-ET7.87-ULAAR ZnSe2.00"7.45"0.310"PL/CX$470.00
LX-2075-Z-ET8.00-ULAAR ZnSe2.00"7.45"0.310"PL/CX$470.00