Laser Research Fused Silica Fiber Lenses are suitable for replacement by the laser operator rather than sending the entire laser head back to the OEM which saves up to 80% the cost of a typical lens replacement. Since laser heads often require replacement many times per month, the replacement of a lens in the field by the operator minimizes downtime considerably.

Offered in 1.5” and 2.0” dia. sizes with anti-reflective coatings on both sides to provide transmission of > 99.5% @ 1.06 microns with > 80% @ 650 to 670 nm, Laser Research Fused Silica Fiber Lenses are designed for use as debris shields on 1.06 micron Yag laser systems. These OEM compatible lenses have a 10-5 scratch-dig finish and 1/4 wave transmitted wavefront.

As always, LRO can work with you to find the right optics for your laser system – please give us a call AT 888-239-5545 Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm EST or email for more information.


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Catalog No. Description Size Surface 1 Surface 2 QOH Price Order
LR-YMFS50.8×9.525-45deg Fused Silica Mirror Turning PL/PL50.80mm Diameter x 9.53mm ThickBBMR 1064nm - 1070nmUncoated20$185.00
LR-YMFS50.8×9.525-45deg1 Fused Silica Mirror Turning PL/PL50.80mm Diameter x 9.53mm ThickDBMR 1064nm - 1070nm / 633nm - 650nmUncoated20$198.00
LR-YMFS63.5×6.35-45deg Fused Silica Mirror Turning PL/PL63.50mm Diameter x 6.35mm ThickDBMR 1064nm - 633nmUncoated20$420.00